Music examiner campaign

There are lots of myths surrounding ABRSM's music examiners - who they are, how they mark and how they are recruited. ABRSM wanted to lift the lid on who their examiners are to reassure candidates and teachers who are about to take an exam, and encourage applications to join the examiner team.


Marketing manager, Creative lead



Launch video: Fat Free Media


The task

In this first-of-its-kind campaign for ABRSM, I created the campaign approach, key messages and developed content ideas. The campaign was developed with real examiners at its centre - asking them to share their experiences from the examiner's chair. The content and key messages were disseminated via a number of different targeted marketing channels, including a podcast, videos, sessions at events, print, email, dedicated web pages and social media. 

Key messaging - join the team

Would you like a role that supports developing musicians, and lets you to see the world?

Music examining could be for you.

From Sheffield to Shanghai, Bristol to Bali - our examiners travel the world to help people become better musicians.

The results

The campaign is ongoing, but applications to join the team had increased in month one. The messaging and campaign style has proved very popular, with lots of positive feedback at events and a high level of positive engagement on social media. 

Launch video: Fat Free Media


Key messaging - join the team

Be part of a 700-strong community of musicians

ABRSM is one of the UK's largest employers of freelance musicians.